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Marriage to Urilla Sutherland

    On January 10, 1870, Wyatt Earp married Urilla Sutherland. The ceremony was conducted by Nicholas Earp, Wyatt's father.  Nicholas later filed the following document with the Barton County Clerk's Officer:

This is to certify that I have this day united in marriage Mr. W. S. Earp and Miss Urilla Sutherland.
N. P. Earp, Justice of the Peace
Filed and recorded, Jan. 24th, 1870

    Urilla was the daughter of William and Permelia Sutherland, owners of the Lamar Hotel.   It is likely that Wyatt and Urilla lived at the Lamar Hotel for a time. 

    Wyatt Earp purchased a lot with a home on it for $50 in August 1870 and the couple probably moved into the home at that time. However, Urilla apparently died sometime in 1870. One claim suggests that she may have died during child birth. Another account states that she died of Typhus. The exact cause or date she died is not known. However, it was likely that Urilla died shortly before November 1870, as Wyatt sold the home he had purchased in August for $75 during this month.

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