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Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp
1848 - 1929

Wyatt Earp History
Birth and Early Life
Life in Missouri
Arkansas Horse Theft
Pimping in Peoria
Kansas Cowtowns

Wyatt Earp Claims
Buffalo Hunting in Kansas
Clay Allison Incident
Arresting Ben Thompson
Marshal Of Dodge City
Buntline Special Myth
AZ Deputy U.S. Marshal
Killing Curly Bill
Killing Johnny Ringo


Wyatt Earp Archives
Newspaper Accounts
Documents and Letters

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Life In Missouri

Constable In Lamar, Missouri
Marriage To Urilla Sutherland

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"Bravery and determination were requisite, and in every instance proved himself the right man in the right place." Tombstone Epitaph