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Appointed Deputy Sheriff (July 1880)

    Wyatt Earp was appointed a deputy sheriff by Pima County Sheriff Charles Shibell on July 27, 1880. The following is the oath that Wyatt Earp swore to when he accepted the position of Deputy Sheriff:

"I, Wyatt S. Earp do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution of the United States and the laws of the Territory; that I will treat faith and alligence bear to the same, and defend them against all enemies whoever, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of the office of Deputy Sheriff of Pima County Arizona to the best of my abilities. So Help me God . . . ."

    The Tombstone Epitaphwas quick to approve of Wyatt's appointment:

"The appointment of Wyatt Earp as Deputy Sheriff, by Sheriff Shibell, is an eminently proper one, and we, in common with the citizens generally, congratulate the latter on his election.  Wyatt has filled various positions in which bravery and determination were requisites, and in every instance proved himself the right man in the right place.  He is at present filling the position of shotgun messenger for Wells, Fargo & Co., which he will resign to accept the later appointment."

    Wyatt was an ambitious, hard-working officer.  From August to early November 1880 not a week went by without some mention in the press about Deputy Sheriff Earp's doing.   He became a well respected officer and continually showed that he could do his duty well.


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"bravery and determination were requisites, and in every instance proved himself the right man in the right place."  Tombstone Epitaph