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Arrival In Tombstone

    Wyatt Earp and his common-law wife, Celia Ann "Mattie" Blaylock, drove a wagon into Tombstone about December 1, 1879.  In two other wagons rode his brothers James and Virgil, and their respective wives Bessie and Allie.  Morgan Earp and his wife, Louisa, would come to town a few months later.  Contrary to popular legend, Wyatt was far from known throughout out the West upon his arrival.

    Immediately upon their arrival, the Earps began filing mining claims in the area. On December 6, 1879, the three Earps and Robert J. Winders filed a location notice for the F
irst North Extension of the Mountain Maid Mine.  From that beginning, the Earps would file several more mining claims and buy and sell lots of land within the town.  But the Earps would eventually fall back upon their more familier career paths-working in saloons, gambling, riding shotgun for Wells Fargo, and, of course, working as lawmen.

    Wyatt Earp's friend, John H. Holliday "Doc" came to Arizona with the Earps but stayed in Prescott for several months.  Doc came to Tombstone in September 1880.


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"bravery and determination were requisites, and in every instance proved himself the right man in the right place."  Tombstone Epitaph